Inspired by innovative global teaching methods, Odyssey, The Global Preschool offers the Reggio Emilia curriculum, with its fluid style and emphasis on the social development of the child, where building relationships starting with their friends, family and teachers are paramount.

At Odyssey, the curriculum is designed with mental developmental milestones and characteristics of children in the early years in mind.

With an award-winning curriculum and unique facilities directed towards the individual needs of your child, you can be assured of your child’s all-round development at Odyssey, The Global Preschool.


Understand “One Hundred Languages”
Our students express themselves in many ways: drawing, painting, scupting, drama, music, dance and movement.

Real-life Experiences
Our teaching approach is enquiry-based where children are asked questions that determine the flow.

Flexible Learning
Our curriculum is flexible and emerges from the very thoughts, ideas and curiosity of the child.

Environment, the third teacher
Our classrooms are designed to encourage creative thinking, interaction and communication.

Our Programmes

Early Years

Tots: 18 months – 30 months

Pre-Nursery: 2.5 – 3 years

Nursery 1: 3 years old and above

Preschool Years

Nursery 2: 3 – 4 years old

Kindy Year 1: 4 – 5 years old

Kindy Year 2: 5 – 6 years old

Half-Day : 8:30am – 1:00pm.

Extended-Day : 8:30am – 3:00pm.

Full-Day : 8:30am – 6:00pm.


Chinese Language Immersion

Odyssey offers full Chinese Language Immersion in all classes across all levels, with every class having a designated full time Chinese Language teacher who stays with the class throughout the day and speaks and interacts with the children primarily in native Chinese Language. Thus, children can acquire the language more readily and naturally. Eventually, they learn to use it as a means of expression and communication in real life context.

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  • ECDA Outstanding Award for Teaching and Learning 2013.
  • ECDA Innovation Award 2014.
  • Singapore Environment Council School Green Award Daisy Award 2014.
  • Singapore Environment Council School Green Award 3R Award 2014.
  • SPARK Recertification (Commendation) 2014.


“Tattyana began her journey at Odyssey in January 2015. Initially, Tattyana was not as vocal & expressive as she is now. Her thoughts are now more structured, reasoning with a great deal of logic and always the asking the why question to seek clarification. I believe her learning experience and growth has been excellent. Thank you, Odyssey.”

Gerald & Nanthini


“The constant updates by the school provides us with assurances that Elise in an excellent environment and that the teachers are doing a great job with Elise and all the other kids. Kudos to them and the school for making sure the kids have a well-balanced start to their school life.”

Kouteiba Fakih


“Even though Sophia has been in the school for less than a year, we can see that she enjoys & looks forward to go to school every morning. We believe that she has been taken good care of while at school and the teachers are well-trained. We look forward to see a more-noticeable progress in Sophia as the year go by.”



22 and 22A Jalan Setia Dagang U13/AJ,

Seventh Avenue, Setia Alam Seksyen U13,

40170 Shah Alam Selangor

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