Petulia Lun (Centre Director)

Centre Director (Setia Eco Park)


Having spent 13 years in Australia and with combined 18 years of experience in business, leadership training and the Early Childhood Education industry, Petulia is driven by a vision to lead and raise a generation of children who will become influential and respectful adults in the society. Petulia recognises Odyssey as a school of the 21st Century and finds tremendous joy and fulfilment in teaching and nurturing the hearts and minds of young children.


As Centre Director at Odyssey Setia Eco Park, Petulia actively demonstrates leadership and works closely with parents and her team of educators to ensure each child is cared for and provided with boundless learning opportunities.


Petulia holds Degrees in Social Sciences at Curtin University and Business Administration at Murdoch University from Perth, Western Australia.

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