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Nestled in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Odyssey’s pedagogy is the belief that every child is unique and has their learning style and pace. 

Inspired by the best practices from the United States, United Kingdom, Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy, and Malaysia’s National Preschool Education system (KSPK), Odyssey The Global Preschool provides a Reggio Emilia-inspired campus fully-equipped for self-directed and exploratory learning.

Odyssey is a true international preschool that offers a curriculum tailored to the needs and interests of each child. We foster a collaborative educational structure that centres around the child as an engaged and capable learner whilst recognising the environment as the third teacher. 

More than a preschool, we serve as a hub for research and education, where we develop innovative and globally recognised teaching curricula to create a distinctive Odyssey experience. This personalised approach ensures that children are engaged, motivated and stimulated in their learning.

What is the personalised approach to education at Odyssey?

The Reggio Emilia approach regards children as essential community members who are active, capable, and valuable. The approach promotes exploration, questioning, and interpretation of the world during the crucial first five years of life. This creates a strong foundation of experiences that will allow each child to achieve their full potential.

#1. Celebrating Diversity

At Odyssey, children learn about different cultures, languages and customs through various activities and experiences. For example, they may celebrate different cultural festivals, learn to cook international cuisine, or participate in language classes like our Chinese Language Immersion Programme. These activities allow children to better understand the world around them and develop empathy for people from different backgrounds.


#2. Fitness Fun: Outdoor Learning Experience

Outdoor learning experiences play a significant role in shaping the holistic development of our young children. We recognise that outdoor play and exploration are essential for nurturing children’s curiosity, creativity and physical skills. 

With this in mind, we designed an outdoor learning environment that provides children ample opportunities to explore the natural world and engage in hands-on learning activities. 

Outdoor learning activities at Odyssey, The Global Preschool, are made to support various areas of development. For instance, physical activities such as jumping and running help to promote gross motor skills and physical fitness. 

Meanwhile, exploratory activities like observing insects or watching plants grow foster children’s natural curiosity. These activities might seem simple, but they profoundly impact children’s development. When they look at insects, they learn about the world around them. They might see how ants work together to build their homes or how pretty a butterfly’s wings are. They’ll start to understand how all the different living things, like bugs and plants, are connected and how they help each other to survive.


#3. Art Odyssey: Embark on an Artistic Adventure

It’s no secret that young children have a natural affinity for creating art, but did you know just how important these activities are during the early years? Engaging in art encourages children to explore, interact with their environment and learn how things work.

Each Odyssey campus has a dedicated Art Specialist who guides the children to explore their creativity using various tools and media and, often, through the inspiration of certain artists.

But creativity doesn’t just happen in the Atelier. We have many avenues to promote creativity. For example, our Little Chef Day event encourages children to explore their culinary skills and creativity by making their dishes while learning about nutrition and healthy eating habits. 

In Colours of Odyssey, children express themselves through a myriad of media and techniques, including painting, drawing, and sculpting, while exploring the world of colours and hues. These events are showcases where our children express themselves in novel ways and develop essential skills like collaboration, communication, problem-solving and critical thinking.


#4. Music Odyssey: Discover New Sounds and Rhythms

More than the joy of music and developing a rhythm, music is an essential part of children’s brain development. When children listen to music, the neurons in their brains make connections, improving their ability to learn and process information.

Designed to introduce children to music and help them develop a love for rhythm and melody, Music Odyssey introduces children to a wide range of musical genres, instruments and cultures worldwide.

They learn the elements of music, such as tempo, dynamics and pitch, through singing and percussion. As they progress through the programme, they are introduced to new instruments such as ukuleles, keyboards and drums. This helps to broaden their understanding of music and its role in different societies and provides them with an appreciation of diversity and cultural differences.

Ready to enrol your child? Join us for a school tour to discover the Odyssey difference. Your child’s best start in life starts here.

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