The Odyssey is proud to anounce the birth of our latest campus … Odyssey MacAlister in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.  This is a significant milestone in the Odyssey’s history as it marks the first campus outside of Singapore.  Having been established in 2008, the Odyssey has researched and developed a truly international approach to learning and teaching that is not confined to any language, system or country.  Children are nurtured in an environment that is progressive, constructive, innovative and creative.  After 6 years, we have now spread our Odyssey wings overseas to Malaysia in the historical Georgetown, Penang, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The huge compound of the newly-restored century-old Mayfield building is the perfect environment for children to grow, explore and learn.  History and progress work in tandem as the children are nurtured to be competent learners and citizens of this world.

MA Staff Group Pic MacAlister Building

We are elated to showcase the team at Odyssey MacAlister. Centre Director, Ms Elaine, and her team of Curriculum Specialists, Teachers, Chinese Teachers and Adminstrator, Ms Charlie are ready to care and nurture the children and work together with the parents at the new campus.  The Open Day held today, Saturday, 19 July 2014, was a great success with a carnival, saw over 270 families.  We wish them all the very best!